theme chess sets

Theme Chess Sets

There are many different types and styles of chess sets. As a result it can be difficult to decide upon a particular set. But it’s relatively easy to filter your choices down to a particular category. Here we can take a look at the major categories that are available everywhere.  Of course most of these styles of chess are available on pour site.

Theme Chess Sets

These types of chess sets usually depict characters, traditional designs, events or national traits. There are entire categories of character chess sets that depict armies and historical figures. There are also sets based on traditional designs from, say, India or Poland. You can pay anywhere from £20 for theme sets depending upon the theme and the materials used to make the set. Sets can be made from  a variety of different woods or resin. They can also be embellished with brass settings , additional carvings and pyrography markings.

Travel Chess Sets

If you’re on the go then a folding travel chess set is a good investment for you. They are usually magnetic to protect against bumps, nudges and jolts. The pieces and pawns can be safely stored inside the folded board when they are not being used. You can get a nice wooden one for somewhere around £15. Smaller plastic ones are also available but the small size can mean they are difficult to play with.

Wooden Chess Sets

Wood is a great material for chess sets. The pieces, pawns and board can be made from less expensive oak, hornbeam, cherry or sycamore. More expensive woods can then be inlaid to form the squares of the board. the different woods give a natural colour to the squares. Hand carved wooden sets are impressive to look at and the pieces are great to play with. Because of the weight, and because they can also be quite large, they don’t make particularly good choices if you’re looking for a portable set. But they will make a great decorative addition to any space in your home or office. They also make great gifts.

In conclusion

No matter what material you eventually choose, there is bound to be a chess set that’s the ideal fit for your taste and budget. You could always consider buying the board, pieces and pawns separately. That way, instead of ending up with a chess set that’s another “me too”, you can design one that’s uniquely yours!


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