Egypt Chess Set


This is one of the non-wood sets from our deluxe decorative range. The chessmen are made from marble powder bonded  with resin. The folding chess board is inlaid with mahogany and sycamore wood. It has an insert tray for storage of the chess pieces. The Egyptian style chessmen are hand painted. Therefore this set is available in our colouring only.

Chess Men:
Made from : Marble powder/ resin bonded
King : 230mm
Box and Board:  Beech and Birch,  Mahogany and Sydamore
Size : 650mm
Folded size : 650 x 325 x 70mm
Storage tray insert : yes
Weight : 5 kg



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Egypt Chess Sets


King: 230mm

Board: 650mm

Weight: 5 kg


Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 650 × 325 × 70 mm