Magnetic Chess Sets

Magnetic chess sets or travel chess sets have been designed to ensure that the pieces stay in place during use, if there is a slight movement or nudge on the board. These magnetic chess sets are small and lightweight to carry, easily placed to use in a small space but equally provide the same feeling of enjoyment that you would get while playing with a larger sized chess board.
The design is based on the classic Staunton shape. The chess pieces are supplied with magnets and with a felt covering to the base of the chess pieces.

The magnetic chess sets are made from selected woods, and are supplied in several different colours, including black, green, blue, burgundy. These coloured variants are extremely popular for this range of travel chess sets. So if you plan to spend some time playing whilst you are on a train, in a car, on a bus or plane – or just want the security of knowing that the pieces will stay in place if the board is accidentally knocked then browse these pages and have a look at the magnetic chess sets. details of the sets such as the wood that is used, the box construction, the weight and size are given on the ordering page.

On the other hand if you want the more classic set then we have an extensive range of decorative chess sets as well as the more traditional Staunton chess sets. The majority of the sets are based on a folding board design which provides a convenient storage space for the chess men when the pieces are not being used..

For those who like the occasional game of backgammon, then we have wooden backgammon sets, as well as combination sets which include chess pieces, backgammon and draughts. the board has the chess board on the outside and is laid out for backgammon on the inside. The set is supplied comlete with all the pieces and counters that you need to be able to play the game..

Our range is completed with chess clocks and a small range of plastic chess pieces and chess boards. Buy your magnetic chess sets now.

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