Chess Pieces and Boards

Staunton chess pieces and boards are the international standard and are used in its most popular forms for playing the professional chess game. This is the design that most people would describe as being the classic appearance of a chess piece Generally Staunton chess sets are used for playing competitive games held in international recognized chess competition venues. This kind of chess set rapidly became the standard that was used all around the world. You will find different sizes of chess sets based on the Staunton design, that are all designed and crafted by skilled craftsmen using the best grade of wood.

The pawns are weighted, with felt pads underneath. If you have your own board then we have different sets of Staunton-style chess pieces that will be perfectly sized for your board. Details of the sizes are given on the accompanying pages.
f you just want a cheap set then we have them available loose packed in plastic bags, If you want them to be a little more of a present, then we also have the same pieces available in a beautiful wooden hinge-lid box.
If you want just the board then we have rigid quality chess boards that can be purchased separately. If you want to buy a tournament set but want the convenience of a folding board then have a look at our tournament sets, available in a selection of sizes.
In addition to our wooden Staunton sets we also have plastic sets, and matching plastic boards. these make an ideal, robust starter set – easy on the pocket, yet great to play with.

Buy on line now. Payment can be made securely on line via Worldpay or Paypal – or just call us and pay over the phone.

Should you want a more decorative version , then visit our decorative chess set page from the link above. Here you will find a full selection of sets, made from a range of woods, in a wide selection of designs.
If you want a really novel chess set then you need to have a look at our 3 player chess sets, which comes complete with instructions. Travelling around? then may be you need to keep the pieces in place – so opt for one of our coloured magnetic chess sets.

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