Backgammon Sets

As well as our range of wooden chess sets, pieces and chess boards, we also have backgammon sets. These can be used either as backgammon, or they can also be used to play chess.
In addition to the backgammon, wooden chess sets and Staunton pieces and boards we also have Plastic pieces and roll up boards. Ideal for children or for playing outdoors as well.
The backgammon is played by using the playing area on the inside of the folded box and the chess board is played by using the squares that are on the outside of the box.
Backgammon and chess pieces are included so that you can play both games as required.The chess board contains the standard alpha-numeric squares.
The actual folding board is made from selected birch wood and beech wood. the chess pieces are carved from hornbeam wood.

We have more details about the sizes of the sets that are available on the main web pages. Here you will be able to check out the size of the kings, the size of the boards and of course the overall weight of the sets.

Backgammon is still a popular game and our top quality wooden backgammon sets are ideal for you, whether you are a beginner, casual player or a regular.

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