Travel Chess Sets

Most of our chess sets can be carried around quite easily.

The folding travel chess sets board enables a convenient way to store the pieces when they are not in use, and by folding in the middle it reduces the size of the board.

If you want to play when travelling, for example on a train or plane, then we would suggest taking a look at our range of magnetic chess sets. which are weighted with magnets which enable them to hold their position on the chess boards during normal travel movement. These chess sets are available in a collection of different coloured chess pieces and board colours.

The travel chess sets pieces are weighted with a magnet so that they adhere to the surface of the board. The board and pieces are a convenient size – big enough to play with and yet small enough , that when they are packed away inside the folded wooden chess board, they are small enough and light enough that they are easy and convenient to carry.

The boards themselves contain the traditional alpha-numeric notation around the edge, with the board and box being made from birch and beechwood.

The sets are made from selected woods, and are available in several different colours. These include green, black , blue and burgundy. These coloured variants have shown to be extremely popular for this range of magnetic travel chess sets. So if you plan to spend some time using your travel chess sets whilst you are on the move – or just want the peace of mind knowing that the pieces will remain in place if the board is accidentally nudged, then have a look at our travel chess sets . Additional details of the chess sets such as the wood that is used, the construction of the box , the size of the king and the overall weight are given on the ordering page.

On the other hand if you want the more classic set then we have an extensive range of decorative chess sets as well as the more traditional Staunton chess sets. The majority of the sets are based on a folding board design which provides a convenient storage space for the chess men when the pieces are not being used.

We also stock backgammon and draughts, again with a folded board.

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