Starter Chess Sets

Chess is a great game for all ages, and it’s never too early to start. May be you don’t want to spend a lot on the first set. Whether it’s for an adult who wants to learn about the game, a school that wants to equip its chess club or as a gift for a child who is about to take his or her first steps into the world of chess, then the economy range of Starter chess sets is ideal for you.

In particular for children, the challenge of a chess game helps to develop their cognitive and logical thought processes helping the child to develop their creative mind. Encouraging children to play chess is an effective way to develop their minds from an early age. With the encouragement of parents and teachers children can quickly and easily learn the game.

The sets that we class as economy or starter chess sets are inexpensive, thus making the investment relatively small, with the design being very simple and classic, making the pieces and their respective moves easy to understand.

Once the game has been mastered then we have the ideal sets for you as you progress.
Our tournament sets come in a range of sizes, with weighted pieces, and a folded quality board. The board is hinged so that the pieces can be stored inside when they are not being used. Not all the boards are hinged. If you want the classic rigid board then we have several different sizes available. These are supplied either on their own or you can also get matching chess pieces that have been matched soi that they fit perfectly on the chess board squares.
If you prefer to get a set that will double as a fully functioning game and also look decorative when not in use, then you need to look at our extensive range of decorative folding chess sets. Produced in a wide range of sizes , designs and from a selection of specially chosen woods, these sets are great to play with and have the added advantage of also being great to look at.

Starter chess sets are ideal as the first chess set as you start to learn how to play this fascinating game

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