Decorative Chess Sets

Our Decorative Chess Sets continue to be as popular as ever with our customers.

Decorative chess sets have universal appeal. They help to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to home décor.

What better item is there than a decorative chess set , to combine a fully functional board game with a beautifully crafted ornament . Our Decorative chess sets bring together a range of styles and manufacturing techniques that produce truly great products. Whether you are planning to play purely for entertainment, or competitively at the local chess club or competition, or you just like the idea of owning a beautiful hand crafted ornament, that will be admired by your family and friends, then any of the sets from our decorative chess range will be a great purchase.

Our wooden chess sets are made from a wide selection of woods. The woods being chosen because of their specific texture and colour. They are chosen also to match the individual design of the set in question and to impart the particular unique characteristics of each design. Many of the chess boards have their playing squares produced by the intarsia method. This involves fitting the squares together, which are made of different natural woods, in a method similar to marquetry. Thus giving the ideal natural coloured chess board. The boards are further enhanced by carvings on the edge of the board as well as the traditional notations on the board.   The names of the products are purely for identification purposes of a particular product range and are not indicative of the origin or composition of the product.

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