Folding Chess Sets

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Folding Wooden Chess Sets

Great selection of decorative folding chess sets and hand made chess sets suitable for chess players of all standards

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Not just a chess set - they can also be a great decorative addition to your living room

folding chess sets
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Folding Chess Sets

We have been trading with our quality wooden chess sets, pieces and boards for well over 15 years. Both in the our High Street retail outlet and on-line.
In 2010 we took the decision that we would sell exclusively via our web site.
In addition, we carefully select our hand crafted wooden chess sets, pieces and boards. This ensures that they meet our strict quality requirements. In addition, we work closely and visit regularly with our suppliers and the craftsmen who produce the chess sets. This ensures that we acquire the chess sets at the most competitive prices possible as well as keeping abreast of any new products or novel designs that become available.
We believe that we stock wooden chess sets to suit all budgets, and levels of ability. That is to sday, from chess sets for the serious player, starter sets for youngsters , traditional sets for school and decorative sets for either playing or for ornamental use.

A Great game to play

Chess has long been recognised as a classic, timeless game. Even in this age of electronic games, there is still nothing to compare with the physical contact associated with handling and playing with a wooden chess set. All of our chess sets are designed so that they can hold in half, which is a great help in storage. Not only because of the reduced size. But also because the space created when the box is folded. This can be used to securely store the chess pieces when they are not being used. In addition, this prevents damage to the pieces as well as avoiding loss of any of the pieces.

Each of the chess sets have the usual light and dark squares, many of them with additional carvings and embellishments around the edges, as well as alphanumeric notation for the squares to aid tracking of your moves. The contrasting squares can be a variety of colours depending on the wood used and the design of the chess pieces. For instance, many of the boards are intarsia, which is like marquetry. And of course in this case the colour of the squares is dictated by the natural colour of the woods that are used. In other cases, such as the blue, burgundy and green sets, the coloured squares are produced by staining, with the contrasting squares being a cream or white colour.

Great variety of designs

When you look at our range of wooden chess sets, pieces and boards you will discover that we not only stock the traditional Staunton sets, and tournament sets but we also have a range of decorative sets. So if you are a serious player then our Tournament sets are available in several different sizes, We also have the Staunton pieces and matching rigid boards in both wood and plastic. These are ideal for any keen player, school, club or beginner.
Our decorative chess sets are the ones that come in different colours, and with more ornate boards. The tournament and decorative sets feature boards which fold in half.
If you want to play the game on the move, then you need a magnetic chess set. By using magnetic pieces and board, then the magnetism holds the pieces in place during slight movement. So this is ideal if you want to play on a train, plane or in the car or if you want to avoid the pieces being accidentally moved by being accidentally knocked.

Want something novel and unusual - then try a three-player chess set.  Follow the link for more information.

More details

Specific information relating to our wooden chess sets, pieces and boards can be found on the site by clicking the 'more information' button , including the size of the king, the board (folded and open) ,the shipping weight and details of the various wood that is used in their production. All the decorative chess sets are designed around a folding chess board which can hold the chess men when they are not in use.
In general, the chess sets are in stock in our warehouse which means they can usually be ready for post within 24 hours of payment being received .
if you have any questions, then give us a call or send us an email
We can also send you additional photos of the pieces if required.


There are many different designs to choose from. We have different styled pieces. We also have a varied selection of sets using different woods to give a great hand made product.

Folding Board

All our chess sets come with a folding board, which gives a convenient storage boz for the pieces when they are not in use.

Tournament sets

If you want the tournamnet sets with weighted pieces, then we have them available in 4 sizes.

Travel Sets

For playing on the move, then we have a solution for you - our magnetic chess sets. Small magnets keep the pieces in place .

Staunton Sets

Staunton sets are the classic shape. We have them either as loose pieces or as part of a tournament set.


In addition to the chess sets, we also have a few backgammon and chess combined sets.

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