Background on wooden chess sets

Everything you need to know about wooden chess sets

Chess players out there in the world have been using wooden chess sets for a long period of time. The first ever wooden chess set was produced back in 1849. Since then, they were all time favorite chess sets of players. In fact, wood can be considered as the most popular material that is being used for the construction of chess sets in today’s world.

You can find both chess pieces and chess boards that are made out of wood. Many different types of wood are being used for the construction of these wooden chess sets. It is up to you to go for the best type of chess set based on your personal preferences. No matter what type of wood you purchase, you will be provided with a sophisticated chess set, which combines beauty and durability.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent wood types that are being used by people in today’s world for the construction of chess sets.

  • Rosewood – Rosewood can be used to give life to beautiful looking chess sets. That’s because Rosewood is a deep colored wood. It is heavier when compared to other wood types as well. The natural gains that you can find in Rosewood has the ability to deliver a unique look and feel for the chess sets.
  • Ebony – Ebony is a dense and a durable wood type that can be used for the construction of chess sets. The wooden chess sets made out of Ebony have received a lot of attention because of the rich black color that you can see in them. However, it is important to keep in mind that Ebony chess sets don’t come to the market at the lowest of prices.
  • Sheesham – Sheesham is also considered as golden rosewood. It is another natural looking wood that can be used for the manufacturing of chess sets. This is an economic option used in the manufacturing process of chess sets. As a result, you will be able to purchase Sheesham at an affordable price tag from the market.
  • Boxwood – Boxwood can also be considered as a dense and a hard wood type that you can use for the manufacturing purpose of wooden chess pieces. This type of wood is often used for the production of white colored chess pieces. The natural light coloring offered by Boxwood has contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact.

Whether you are looking to purchase a high end chess set or an affordable chess set, you are provided with the best options to consider by wooden chess sets. It is up to you to go through the options provided and then go for the best ones based on your preferences. The wooden chess sets are full of character and they would impress both professional chess players as well as beginners.

On top of everything, a variety of themes are available in wooden chess sets for the interested people to go ahead and purchase. If you want a traditional chess set, you can go for it or purchase a wooden chess set from any other theme. Some of the themes that you can find in the wooden chess sets include cars, boats, animals, sports etc.

As you can see, wood is the perfect material available for all people who are interested in purchasing chess sets from the market. It is up to you to take a look at your personal preferences and go for the perfect chess set out of them. You would never regret about your decision to purchase a wooden chess set from the market.